Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a very harmful & hazardous substance and subject to strict laws on how it should be dealt with .Before you tackle any asbestos issues you may have talk to us

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Specialist Environmental Cleaning & Restoration

Environmental Waste Technologies Ltd provides Specialist Cleaning & Restoration Services to a wide range of Clients and Industries throughout Ireland.

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Choose Environmental Waste Technologies Ltd as your competent and specialist contractor and avoid potential very costly prosecutions, publicity, large fines and even a custodial sentences.

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Environmental Waste Technologies has an exceptional Health & Safety record and is recognised by the Health & Safety Authority as a Specialist Asbestos Removal Contractor who is fully compliant with all regulations and guidelines regarding Asbestos Removal

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Asbestos is a known human carcinogen (cancer causing agent) that was used extensively in Ireland up to 2000 when it was finally prohibited from use. Asbestos fibres can cause fatal lung disease when inhaled.

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Environmental Waste Technologies Ltd - The Safe, Secure & Reliable Option!

Environmental Waste Technologies Ltd is one of Ireland's top rated asbestos removal companies with many years experience both in Ireland and abroad and is recognised by the Health & Safety Authority as a Specialist Asbestos Removal Contractor who is fully compliant with all regulations and guidelines regarding Asbestos Removal. We are fully and specifically insured to handle all types of asbestos (not just roofing like most companies claiming to be specialist asbestos removal companies are). We have a safe,legal and practical solution not just to your asbestos problems but also  to other problems as listed below that need specialist and experienced attention.

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Environmental & COVID-19 Cleaning with Ozone 





Mould Removal

Mould is part of our daily lives and is present everywhere but if you have a mould & mildew problem which is left untreated it is a serious & costly threat to your health and to your property. We can help!

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Environmental Cleaning

We have the expertise & specialised plant & equipment to carry out delicate & specialised cleaning operations to metal, wood , stone and decontamination to areas exposed to hazardous substances such as bacteria, asbestos. lead and many other nasty airborne contaminants.

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Fire & Smoke Damage

Unfortunately fire & smoke damage are all to common today. We can help get your home or premises back to new, correctly, rapidly and successfully. Our fire & smoke damage repair & restoration service can restore plaster, wood, brick & metal back to its original state. We work and are approved by leading insurance firms to sort out your problems correctly!

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Lead Paint Remediation

The majority of people in Ireland are unaware that lead, within layers of paint often buried for years, can still create a toxic threat to health.  This is a problem that affects the majority of buildings, especially homes and schools.  Young children and women (especially during pregnancy and breast-feeding) are most vulnerable.

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